• Image of LAB-BOX Professional Lid
  • Image of LAB-BOX Professional Lid

LAB-BOX Professional Lid with timer & temperature control.

LAB-BOX is a multi-format tank that allows film development, from start to end, in full daylight, bypassing the need to load the rolls in a darkroom or changing bag. Thanks to the two interchangeable modules and custom-designed adjustable reels, the tank can be used for both 135 and 120 film.

The Ars-Imago Lab-Box Professional Lid is an optional accessory that can be used with any Lab-Box. It includes a built-in Timer and Thermometer. It is a professional alternative to the standard lid.

Especially useful for processes like color negative (C-41) and color reversal (E-6) which need a special attention to the temperature. The Lid has a stainless steel probe which can measure the liquid temperature inside the tank, during the process, to help you control and manage development.

The Professional Lid has also an integrated Timer, with the possibility to save 3 different times which can immediately be set through the T1, T2, T3 buttons.

Timer and thermometer are waterproof.

Lab-Box tank required for use; not included.

We will ship via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. We prefer to ship in the box for best handling of film. It takes 1-3 days, includes tracking & $100 insurance. Local weekday shipments have been shipped in 1-day.