• Image of Pentax K-1000 CLA + 50/2
  • Image of Pentax K-1000 CLA + 50/2
  • Image of Pentax K-1000 CLA + 50/2

Recently CLA'd on 3/16/20 by Complete Camera. Tightened meter ground connections, adjusted meter system, cleaned general. Includes 90 day warranty by Complete Camera. Installed new mirror/door seals .

The K1000, introduced in 1976, is an almost-all metal, mechanically controlled, manual-focus SLR with manual-exposure control. It is completely operable without batteries. Batteries are only required for the light metering information in the viewfinder. The meter does not have an on/off switch and the lens cap must be attached to the lens to prevent draining the K1000's battery when it is not in use.

There is a basic hot shoe for an electronic flash unit, and also a PC flash lead socket, of X type synchronisation. There are no flash dedication features.

The viewfinder has a focusing screen with a microprism spot focusing aid. The Pentax K1000

The K1000 gained popularity for the reputation it won for ruggedness and reliability. Its spartan lack of certain features are regarded by some as a good feature in itself. In addition, for many years it was the camera recommended or mandated to students starting art or photography courses, because its manual controls forced users to learn about exposure. Today, good used versions fetch higher prices than its originally more costly and better featured K Series siblings, partly because those others, made in far fewer numbers, are overlooked or have been forgotten.

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